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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Garp

Garp is an ERP for fashion, footwear, textiles and furniture wholesalers. GC-Support have developed an integration with Ongoing Warehouse.

When an order is placed by your customer it is automatically transferred to the WMS for the warehouse workers to immediately start picking and packing it. When a shipment has been booked, the WMS marks the order as sent and the same applies to the order in Garp. The integration also creates/updates articles and orders in Ongoing when they have been created/updated in Garp. This eliminates the manual and repetitive task of keeping two registers in sync and automates the information change in the logistics process.


Article registry

The integration pushes article registry updates from Garp to the WMS. Garp contains the master data. By default, the integration transfers to following information fields:


As soon as new orders are placed in Garp they are pushed to Ongoing, so that it immediately can be worked on in the warehouse. When the order has been picked by the warehouse workers, the order status will change in Ongoing and the order in Garp will be updated accordingly via the integration. The following information is transferred by default:

Purchase order

As soon as a new purchase order is created in Garp it is pushed to Ongoing. When the purchase order has been recieved in the warehouse the status and article quantities will be updated accordingly in Garp. The following information is transferred by default:

For more information, please contact Lars Paulsson at GC Support AS:, +47 453 98 066.


GC-Support will require access to Ongoing's API before they can set up the integration. Please see this guide on how to give someone API access to your Ongoing WMS.