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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Gung B2B ecommerce platform

Gung is a B2B ecommerce platform that offers a variety of solutions to help small and midsized manufacturers and wholesalers enable efficient order management. The platform has support for Order Management through portals for customers, dealers and sales reps. This done by leveraging customer-specific information from the ERP system. In addition, Gung has a supplier portal, a Product Information Management (PIM) module, API Web services and multiple integration possibilities in a true best-of-breed fashion.

Unleash the power of Ongoing WMS and Gung B2B ecommerce platform today!

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The standard integration built by Gung to Ongoing WMS supports the following transfer of data:

  • Article Registry: - Gung contains the master data for articles, and this integration pushes updates to Ongoing WMS, including the article number, name, barcode, color code, color description, size code, and size description.
  • Order Management: - As soon as new orders are placed in Gung, they are automatically pushed to Ongoing WMS, so that warehouse workers can start fulfilling them immediately. Once the order is picked and packed, the order status is updated in both systems. The integration transfers key information, including the order number, customer details, delivery information, and order line information such as the article number and ordered quantity.
  • Purchase Orders: - When a new purchase order is created in Gung, it is automatically pushed to Ongoing WMS. Once the purchase order is received in the warehouse, the status and article quantities are updated in Gung. The integration transfers important details such as the purchase order number, supplier name, and purchase order line information.

Get Started

Gung will need API access to Ongoing WMS to set up the integration on their end. To activate API access to Ongoing WMS, follow the steps detailed in the API access documentation, or by contacting your software engineer at Ongoing.

About Gung

Gung was founded in Sweden in 2015 to deliver a B2B-focused e-commerce platform to small and midsized manufacturers and wholesalers. Since then, Gung has quickly become one of the fastest-growing B2B e-commerce companies in the world, growing at 40%+ CAGR, and amassing a customer base of over 200 customers, including some of the best-known industrial companies in the Nordics.

The Gung solution was imagined and designed by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specialists, who brought a unique, ERP-first philosophy to ecommerce. To that end, the company’s go-to-market approach has been to develop deep integrations with some of the market’s leading ERP systems.

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