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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Kardex Remstar

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Kardex Remstar offers automation hardware, such as vertical storage lifts. The integration is capable of handling deliveries, transfers, refills and more. Learn more about automated picking using Kardex Remstar here. Contact Kardex Remstar if you want to know more about the integration or their automation solutions.
Also see this page for information on examples of automation hardware and how it may be used.


Using Kardex Remstar storage lift automation with Ongoing WMS is straight forward and easy. The storage logic inside a Kardex Remstar lift is mainly handled by the PPG application which integrates with Ongoing WMS.

The workflow of a Kardex Remstar storage lift may be divided into putting away and picking up goods. The lift is in the basic configuration represented by three warehouse locations, Lift, Lift_In and Lift_Out. Lift is the storage location of the goods whereas Lift_In and Lift_Out are used for putting away and picking up the goods.

The workflow can be illustrated as:

kardex remstar workflow

Putaway To Lift

To putaway goods to the lift storage:

  1. Move the goods to the input area of the Lift (Lift_In). Do this physically and in Ongoing WMS.
  2. Doing this will notify PPG to move the lift and store the goods
  3. When the lift is done putting the goods away, it communicates with Ongoing WMS and moves the goods to the Lift's storage location.

Pick From Lift

To pick up goods from the lift storage:

  1. Create an order in Ongoing WMS.
  2. When the order is allocated, Ongoing WMS creates a move order that is sent to the lift.
  3. Complete the move order in the PPG application.
  4. The lift then picks the desired items and moves them from the locations Lift to Lift_Out.
  5. The items should now be ready for picking.