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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Madden Analytics

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Madden Analytics is an inventory planning tool for brands and retailers to forecast sales and stock levels. By using Madden Analytics, companies can manage current inventory (re-allocate, re-order, activate slow movers, etc.) and plan long-term purchases on SKU-level. The data in Madden Analytics is automatically updated from integrations to the customers’ relevant systems, e.g., e-commerce platforms, ERP-systems, POS-systems and WMS-systems.


  • Planning — based on the historical data available (sales, inventory levels, purchase orders, etc.) and Madden Analytics statistical forecast models, the user can forecast sales per category, product, variant and SKU.
  • Stock list — measure the health of your inventory; slow movers vs fast movers, days inventory, stock value (cost), stock value (sales), potential margin, etc. Which actions are needed short term, e.g., re-allocate between warehouse locations, re-order, activate slow movers, etc.
  • Analysis — analyze current and historical sales and stock performance. Cut and analyze data on markets, product categories, stores, variants, SKU’s etc., and across different performance metrics such as gross margin, sell-through, discounts, return rates, etc.

Integration to Ongoing WMS

Depending on which data Madden Analytics fetches from the customers other systems, the following data can be fetched from Ongoing WMS: purchase orders, inventory levels, sales/order details, cost prices, etc., from the Ongoing API. Madden Analytics need access to the customer specific API at Ongoing WMS to start feeding data. Access can be given by following the steps detailed in the API access documentation, or by contacting your Ongoing account manager.

About Madden Analytics

Madden Analytics was founded in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a customer and partner base including for example Eytys, Flattered, Our Legacy, Frank Dandy, Nordic Knots, Care of Carl and Grandpa. Through Maddens’ proprietary software, consumer brands and retailers can forecast and follow up on sales and inventory - in wholesale as well as D2C - with the goal of optimizing production and reducing oversupply.

Contact: Axel Jacobsson, CEO Madden Analytics,