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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Odoo ERP

Are you using Odoo as your ERP system and in search of a reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS)? Look no further than Ongoing WMS. Equipped with features such as batch-picking, efficient picking routes, device-agnostic scanning to minimize errors, automatic label printing, bulk product editing, detailed warehouse maps, and much more, Ongoing ensure that all your requirements are met. Start saving time and money by using Ongoing WMS together with Odoo!

Odoo stands out as a modern and complete ERP system, offering an extensive suite of integrated applications designed to streamline operations and empower businesses of all sizes.

Moreover, for third-party logistics (3PL) providers, onboarding new Odoo customers has never been easier. As a 3PL, also note our extensive software integration library, you will be able to onboard almost any new customer very quickly.

The integration between Ongoing and Odoo are built, sold and maintained by a third party. Their integration is listed below.

Integration built by Flyt Consulting

Flyt Consulting is a gold partner of Odoo and they provide a seamless integration between Odoo and Ongoing. The integration streamlines your warehouse processes and is flexible for your business needs. Key features of their Odoo-Ongoing integration include:

  • Purchase Order Sync: Automate the transfer of purchase orders between Odoo and Ongoing, ensuring that your procurement process is efficient.
  • Delivery Order Sync: Seamlessly synchronize delivery orders between Odoo and Ongoing, providing visibility into your inventory, order fulfillment process and tracking information in Odoo.
  • Return Order Sync: Effortlessly manage return orders with synchronized data between Odoo and Ongoing, reducing processing time.
  • Customer Sync: Keep customer information consistent across both platforms.
  • Product Sync: Ensure that product data remains consistent and up-to-date across Odoo and Ongoing.

For more information about the integration, contact Flyt Consulting.

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Ongoing Warehouse partners with Flyt Consulting to enable Odoo users to use the powerful Ongoing WMS.

Get Started

The integrator will require access to Ongoing WMS' API before they can set up the integration. Please see this guide on how to give someone API access to your Ongoing WMS.