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Integration between Ongoing WMS and PostNord

PostNord is the largest actor in the Nordic parcel market.

Ongoing WMS integrates directly to PostNord's APIs. Connecting directly to PostNord's API allows customers of Ongoing WMS for efficient booking and label creation process as well as cost efficiency. This makes the solution optimal for companies who only ship with PostNord but can also be used in combination with other delivery management software.



€0.03 (0.3 SEK or NOK) per shipment

All parts of Ongoing WMS are generally included in the monthly fee. For example, this includes our integrations to delivery management software such as nShift, Logtrade or Ingrid. However, in the case of the integration to PostNord, Ongoing takes an extended responsibility by integrating directly to a carrier and therefore we charge €0.03 per shipment.


  1. Please follow the instructions at PostNord to create an account for PostNord.
  2. Get your PostNord API key via PostNord Developer Portal.
  3. Follow this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and PostNord. You will need to fill in API key, EORI number and PostNord customer number.

When the integration is in place follow this guide to learn how transport integrations works in Ongoing WMS.