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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Reprice

Reprice is a price optimization tool designed for e-commerce companies looking to master their pricing strategies, whilst increasing revenues and margins with every customer transaction. Features of Reprice include: price optimization, automatic pricing strategies, data monitoring, data analytics, campaign administration and more. Reprice has built an integration to Ongoing WMS.

The integration with Ongoing WMS is simple but effective. Data is synchronized directly into Reprice to leverage the capabilities of initiating real-time price adjustments based on logistical data from Ongoing WMS.

Are you using Ongoing WMS, but don’t have a price optimization tool? Or are you using Reprice but do not have a WMS? Get started today and take control of your pricing strategy and warehouse operations, simplify your pricing and logistics to thrive in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.


The integration allows Reprice to collect current and historical stock data to manage and automate pricing on an advanced level. The following fields are used:

Note that Reprice will pull any additional logistical data required from Ongoing if necessary for the specific customer.


Reprice will need access to the API «Goods owner REST API», to integrate with Ongoing WMS. This is easily created in your account by following this step-by-step guide: activating access to our API.