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Integration between Ongoing WMS and SiteSmart by PrimeQ


SiteSmart has developed an integration with their ecommerce platform SiteSmartQ to Ongoing WMS. The integration makes it possible for businesses which use SiteSmart to easily outsource their warehouse needs to a 3PL company which uses Ongoing WMS. The integration can also be used by businesses who run SiteSmart and who want to run their own warehouse using Ongoing WMS. By passing information electronically between SiteSmart and Ongoing WMS, many manual tasks concerning stock balances, order statuses, etc. are eliminated or reduced. As a complement to the integration, users of SiteSamrt can also be given direct access to the WMS.

The integration works well together with the Ongoing WMS workflow. It uses the Ongoing WMS API.


PrimeQ SiteSmart will require access to Ongoing WMS' API before they can configure the integration. Please see this guide on how to give someone API access to your Ongoing WMS.