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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Specter

NOTE: This integration is now replaced with a new integration. In the new version Ongoing handles all the transactions instead of splitting the responsibility.

Specter is an e-commerce solution developed in Sweden. At the time of writing the platform is used by over 1500 companies. The integration between Specter and Ongoing is split into two parts, where Specter is responsible for one and Ongoing for the other part. Orders, purchase orders and articles are sent from Specter to Ongoing. Ongoing on the other hand creates fulfillments in Specter and updates the available stock. For more information about Specter please see their website.


Article registry

Specter sends the article registry to Ongoing WMS. Specter contains the master data.


Orders are sent from Specter to Ongoing WMS. When orders are fulfilled, Ongoing WMS creates a fulfillment in Specter.

Stock balance

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing WMS to Specter.

Default settings and considerations

The integration provides default settings which are suitable in most cases. However, there are some possibilities for customization.

  1. Should stock synchronization be activated? For the stock synchronization to work Specter wishes that their customer runs a full integration with order/purchase order.
    Default: No
  2. When during the order handling process should the order be reported as fulfilled in Specter?
  3. Should the order be marked as invoiced in Specter at delivery?
  4. Should tracking numbers be transferred to Specter?
    Default: No


Ongoing WMS requires the following information from Specter: