Changing columns and other settings

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Each page in Ongoing WMS has settings which control the behavior of the page in various ways. The most common setting is a column setting which controls which columns are displayed in the various tables on page. For instance, when you go to the order list, you see a table consisting of all orders. By changing the column setting, you can display exactly the information you want to see for each order (e.g. post code, country, customer name).

Accessing the settings

You access the settings for a particular page by clicking on the cog icon. The cog icon is usually located at the very bottom of the page, close to the Ongoing WMS logo:

Location of the cog icon in Ongoing WMS.

Some settings are accessed via a cog icon which is located at the at the bottom of a sub-page:

Location of the cog icon in Ongoing WMS.

When you have clicked on the cog icon, you will be presented with a new page where you can edit existing settings and add new ones.

Each setting has a name. The settings which control which columns are displayed are usually has the word "Columns" in their name, like "Order list columns."


It is possible to add several different instances of the same setting. This allows you to apply different settings to different users. The way it works is that each setting has a priority. When the system wants to figure out exactly which setting instance to apply, it does the following:

  1. The system finds all setting instances.
  2. It disregards the ones which are not applicable to the current user and goods owner.
  3. It sorts the settings by priority.
  4. The setting with the lowest priority is the one which is applied.

As an example, consider these three instances of the same column setting, with priority 6, 8 and 10 respectively:

Example of column settings in Ongoing WMS.

The setting with priority 6 is applied only when administrator users are looking at the goods owner called Training.

The setting with priority 8 is applied to all other users when they are looking at the goods owner called Training.

Tee setting with priority 10 is applied in all other cases. It functions as a default setting.

Changing column settings

When you create or change a column setting, you will be presented with the following page:

The column settings page in Ongoing WMS.

To the left, there is a list of all possible columns. To the right, you see the current columns in the setting.

To add a new column to the setting, click on it in the left list and then click on the > > button.

To remove a column from the setting, click on it in the right list and then click on the > > button.

To change the order of the columns, click on a column in the right list and then use the Up and Down buttons to move the column to the correct position. You can also use Top, Middle and Bottom to move column to the top, middle or bottom.

Video on how to change settings on individual pages in Ongoing WMS