Inventory adjustments

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In almost any warehouse operation, mistakes will be made during receiving and shipping goods. This results in faulty stock values which need to be corrected. In Ongoing WMS, such corrections are called inventory adjustments.

If you are going to inventory your entire warehouse (or several aisles), consider using inventory tasks. An inventory task allows you to define which locations are going to be inventoried and keep track of which locations have already been counted.

Adjusting the stock at one location

Go to Warehouse ⇒ Inventory ⇒ Stock-taking. In the stock-taking page, there is a table. Find the correct row and input the total number of items at the location and then press Inv.

Let's say that the system believes we have 118 broom handles at location HA113, but after checking the location, we realize that there are 121 broom handles there. To correct this, we would fill in the table like so:

Table row filled out with a comment and the count.

Adjusting the stock at many locations

The above method works fine, but sometimes you might want to enter many inventory counts into the table, and then perform all adjustments at once.

Let's say that the system believes that there are 50 brooms at location HC103 and 70 brooms at location HD121. When checking, we find that the correct values are 49 and 71, respectively.

We can enter these values into the table and then press the larger Inventory button at the top of the page:

Two table rows filled out with comments and counts. Inventory button at the top of the page is circled.

This performs both transactions at once.

Goods found at empty locations

If you have found goods at an empty location (or, more generally, at a location which doesn't already contain the article in question), then you cannot use the table to make an inventory adjustment. Instead, click on Inventory to other warehouse location:

Button saying Inventory to other warehouse location.

Then enter the article, the location, the number of found items, and then click on Save.

For instance, if we have found 33 mops at location HB115, we would enter it like so:

Form filled out with details about the goods and location.

Checking which inventory adjustments have been made

To check which inventory adjustments have been made, go to Goods Flow ⇒ Inventory Adjustments. You can filter for transactions made during certain dates, or by certain users, and so on.

The four transactions which were made when making this guide show up like this in the transaction log:

List of adjustments that have been made.