Using an integration with a transport system

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If you have integrated your Ongoing WMS system with a transport system and have set up the transporters in Ongoing, you are now ready to begin using the integration.

Specifying a transporter when creating orders

When you create an order in Order ⇒ Create Order, you have the option of specifying which transporter service to use in Freight:

Changing transporters after an order has been created

You can change the transporter service on one or more orders by going to Order ⇒ Order List, checking each order, and then using the Order update functionality to update the transporter service.

Here we have two orders which were created with the transporter service "PostNord International Parcel", and we are updating them to "PostNord MyPack Collect":

Specifying number of collis and weights

Before you can send an order to the integrating transport system, you must generally specify the number of collis and weights. Go to Order ⇒ Order List and find the order. Then click on the icon which looks like a pallet:

Input the required information (generally colli type, number of collis, and weight):

Then press Save.

Sending an order to the integrating system

After you have specified the colli information, you can send the order to the integrating system. Go to Order ⇒ Order List, find the order, check it, and press Send: