Move with picking cart scanning

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The purpose of the "Move with picking cart" scanning is to make it easier to move around items using a picking cart. This could for example be moving items from a storing location to a picking location, or to put away received goods. It could also be used for efficiently handling customer returns.


This workflow shows picking to and from a picking cart. A typical usage would be to first move goods to the picking cart and then putaway the items. If the picking cart already is loaded, it is also possible to putaway the goods directly.

Picking To Cart

  1. To move items to a picking cart, first scan the picking cart to use.
  2. Scan the pickup location.
  3. Scan the article to pick up.
  4. Input the number of items.
  5. Scan the destination bin in the picking cart.

Picking From Cart

  1. Select "change to putaway" (assuming a picking cart has been scanned).
  2. To move items from the picking cart to a warehouse location, scan the article to putaway.
  3. Input the number of items.
  4. Then scan the putaway location. If items with the same article number exist in multiple bins, picking start from the bin with the least number of items of that kind.