Outbound scanning using pallets

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Outbound scanning can be done using pallets. With this type of scanning, it is possible to pick orders and put the scanned articles on pallets or in boxes on pallets. In Ongoing WMS, the space where the packages are put is referred to as pallet items. The difference between this scanning flow and batch pick scanning is that in the batch pick scanning one prepares multiple orders at the same time, and put the articles in labeled bins. With the outbound pallet scanning, one order is considered at the time and the packages are put on selected pallets or boxes on pallets.

The standard work flow is to first prepare the order to be picked in the system. The items which are to be picked are tied ("allocated") to the order. When this is done, the order can be processed in the hand-held unit. Whenever you scan an article, it is removed from stock. Progress can be easily monitored from the system. When all goods have been scanned, the order status is updated.

The following information can be displayed in the hand-held unit:

Article number based scanning

Here is an illustration of the pallet scanning work flow.

Flow chart. Select order, Scan location, Scan article info, repeat if necessary.

Pallet items

A pallet item is referred to as a space where to put packages, which can be either a pallet or a box on a pallet. In the outbound pallet scanning dialog, all articles are to be put on pallets or on boxes on pallets. Below you see an example of how the scanning dialog looks like.

Scanning dialogue showing pallet items, different buttons, and goods to pick.

In the blue box a suggestion of an article to pick is shown.

In the list of pallet items, you find all current pallet items available. In this example there are two pallets, one with two boxes (marked with arrows to the left). Select desired pallet item, or create a new one.

Create pallet item

You can create pallet items inside the scanning dialog, where the following can be specified:

If you do not select Put package on pallet, a new, independent pallet item will be created and visible in the list.

The Calculated weight column will be updated as articles are put onto the pallets.

Outside scanning dialog

When an order has been picked, the pallet items and their contents can been found by expanding the order in the order view of your Ongoing WMS.

List of pallet items in the expanded view of of an order in the order list.