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Ongoing WMS and Ingrid integration

Ingrid offers a unified interface to the largest shipping suppliers in Sweden. Ongoing WMS has added Ingrid to the already extensive set of shipping capabilities of the service, making it even easier for 3PL fulfillment providers or eCommerce companies in Sweden to make use of Ongoing WMS to improve their warehousing.


Make transport bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

The information about a shipment can be entered (via integration or manually) into Ongoing WMS, and then transferred to Ingrid Transport at the click of a button. After Ingrid has received all information, a transport label can be printed in Ongoing WMS. You will also receive electronic tracking information.

Customs handling

When booking the transport it is also possible to electronically forward customs information or printing a customs docment.

Read information from Ingrid's Delivery Checkout

It is possible for Ongoing WMS to read information from Ingrid's Delivery Checkout, to see which transporter and pickup point was selected for a particular order. This enables the usage of a delivery checkout from Ingrid but a Delivery Management software from another supplier.


The following data is required to set up an integration with Ingrid:

  1. API key
Please ask Ingrid to supply this to you.

After you have gathered this information, please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and Ingrid.