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Ongoing WMS and Ingrid integration

Ingrid Delivery Platform connects merchants, carriers, and consumers to create a better shopping experience for everyone. Ingrid was founded with a mission to create delivery experiences that fit people's lives by letting e-commerce businesses deliver sustainable growth and giving shoppers the power to personalize delivery and returns. The result is a better overall customer experience and greater efficiency for both the retailer and the delivery carrier.


Make transport bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

The information about a shipment can be entered (via integration or manually) into Ongoing WMS, and then transferred to Ingrid Transport at the click of a button. Once Ingrid has received all the information, a transport label can be printed in Ongoing WMS.

You will also receive electronic tracking information. The order is updated with tracking information for the whole shipment. Additionally, existing pallet items are modified with the received tracking data, making it possible to track individual pallet items. Finally, if picked goods are linked to pallet items, users can effortlessly ascertain which goods correspond to specific tracking links and thereby track the item through the last mile.

Customs handling

When booking the transport, it is also possible to electronically forward customs information or printing a customs document.

Read information from Ingrid's Delivery Checkout

It is possible for Ongoing WMS to read information from Ingrid's Delivery Checkout, to see which transporter and pickup point was selected for a particular order. This enables the usage of a delivery checkout from Ingrid but a Delivery Management software from another supplier.

Ingrid Adobe Commerce plugin

Ingrid has a module for the eCommerce platform Adobe Commerce (former Magento) which is suppported by Ongoing WMS. The module handles the conversation towards Ingrid API and rendering of the Delivery Checkout. Find out more information about the plugin on Ingrid's support website.

Ingrid Shopify app

Ongoing WMS also supports Ingrid’s Shopify app which enables customers to personalize their delivery experience at checkout. The app offers a conversion-optimized checkout, advanced order tracking, streamlined transport management, and fast store-to-door delivery. Read more about the app in the Shopify App Store.


The following data is required to set up an integration with Ingrid:

  1. API key
Please ask Ingrid to supply this to you.

After you have gathered this information, please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and Ingrid.