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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Tripletex

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Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration with the ERP system Tripletex. This integration makes it possible for businesses which use Tripletex to easily outsource their warehouse needs to a 3PL company which uses the Ongoing WMS. The integration can also be used by businesses who run Tripletex and who want to run their own warehouse using the Ongoing WMS. By passing information electronically between Tripletex and Ongoing Warehouse, many manual tasks concerning products and orders are eliminated or reduced. As a complement to the integration, users of Tripletex can also be given direct access to the WMS.

The integration works well together with the Ongoing workflow. It uses the Tripletex API. Most functions run every 15 minutes, but some functions are based on user actions.

Note that the information in this document might differ from your particular integration, if any special requests were made during the implementation of the integration.

Scheduled functions

Some functions in the integration run on a schedule. Products and orders are synced automatically from Tripletex to Ongoing Warehouse.

Article registry

Products are read automatically from Tripletex to Ongoing Warehouse. If a change is made in Tripletex, it will be reflected automatically in Ongoing Warehouse.

Field mapping

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Ongoing Warehouse field name Tripletex field name
Article ⇒ Article numberProduct ⇒ Number
Article ⇒ NameProduct ⇒ Name
Article ⇒ Customer priceProduct ⇒ Price including vat currency
Article ⇒ Free decimal 1Product ⇒ Version
Article ⇒ Is stock articleProduct ⇒ Is stock item
Article ⇒ PriceProduct ⇒ Price excluding vat currency
Article ⇒ Product codeProduct ⇒ Id
Article ⇒ Purchase currency codeProduct ⇒ Currency ⇒ Code
Article ⇒ Purchase priceProduct ⇒ Cost excluding vat currency


By default, all products that have been updated in Tripletex will be synced to Ongoing. To check if a product has been updated the version value of the product is compared to FreeDecimal1 of the article definition in Ongoing.


Orders are read automatically from Tripletex to Ongoing Warehouse.

Field mapping

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Ongoing Warehouse field name Tripletex field name
Order info ⇒ Delivery instructionOrder ⇒ Delivery comment
Order info ⇒ Delivery dateOrder ⇒ Delivery date
Order info ⇒ Goods owner order idOrder ⇒ Id
Order info ⇒ Goods owner order numberOrder ⇒ Number
Order info ⇒ Reference numberOrder ⇒ Reference
Order info ⇒ Sales codeOrder ⇒ Contact ⇒ First name + Last name
Customer ⇒ AddressCustomer ⇒ Postal Address ⇒ Address line 1
Customer ⇒ Address2Customer ⇒ Postal address ⇒ Address line 2
Customer ⇒ CityCustomer ⇒ Postal address ⇒ City
Customer ⇒ Country codeCustomer ⇒ Postal address ⇒ Country ⇒ ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code
Customer ⇒ Customer numberCustomer ⇒ Customer number
Customer ⇒ EmailCustomer ⇒ Email
Customer ⇒ External customer codeCustomer ⇒ Id
Customer ⇒ MobileCustomer ⇒ Phone number mobile
Customer ⇒ NameCustomer ⇒ Name
Customer ⇒ Post codeCustomer ⇒ Postal address ⇒ Postal code
Customer ⇒ RemarkCustomer ⇒ Description
Customer ⇒ TelephoneCustomer ⇒ Phone number
Order line ⇒ Article numberOrder line ⇒ Order line ⇒ Product ⇒ Number
Order line ⇒ Currency codeOrder line ⇒ Currency ⇒ Code
Order line ⇒ External order line codeOrder line ⇒ Id
Order line ⇒ Line priceOrder line ⇒ Amount including vat currency
Order line ⇒ Number of itemsOrder line ⇒ Count
Order line ⇒ Order line commentOrder line ⇒ Description
Order line ⇒ Product codeOrder line ⇒ Product ⇒ Id


By default, any orders matching the following filter in Tripletex are synced to Ongoing. Note that if the order exists in Ongoing it will only be updated if the status of the order in Ongoing allows it to be updated!

Show filters

Tripletex field name Default filter
Order ⇒ Is closedfalse
Order ⇒ Last change timeLater than the last time the integration synced

Stock sync

By activating the stock synchronization the stock from Ongoing will be used to update the stock in Tripletex. By default the stock levels is synced to the main inventory in Tripletex.

Functions based on user actions

Outbound deliveries

When an order has been set to status Sent or Collected in Ongoing a call is sent to the Tripletex API to close the order. It is possible in this step to create an invoice of the order in Tripletex.

Field mapping

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Ongoing Warehouse field name Tripletex field name
Order ⇒ Order info ⇒ Goods owner order idOrder ⇒ Id


In order to configure this integration Ongoing Warehouse will need a user key ID to the Tripletex API. Using this key Ongoing Warehouse will create a session token for accessing the API. This user key is generated by navigating to the profile of the user in Tripletex. Then click on the field "API access" (which might be hidden below the "More" button). Press the button "New key" to generate a new key. Check the option for "Tilpasset oppsett", provide all assets and use "OngoingWarehouse" as the application name. The key that will be created is the one that Ongoing Warehouse needs to set up the integration. Note: The need for providing all assets will soon be removed.