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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Unifaun Online

Unifaun Online is the solution to use if your need is to create shipments with one or several different transporters, print transport documents and have an overall efficient way of administering your shipments.

Ongoing WMS has integrations with the following systems offered by Unifaun Online:


Make transport bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

All information about a shipment (address and number of packages) can be entered into Ongoing WMS, and then transferred to Unifaun at the click of a button. After Unifaun has received all information, a transport label can be printed. For this feature, there is no need to log on Unifaun Online.

The integration with Unifaun Online also handles:

Printing favorites can be used in order to streamline your deliveries. Read more about printing favorites here and how to trigger them from your Ongoing WMS here.

Make tracking information visible in Ongoing WMS

If the transport booking for an order was made using the Unifaun integration, Ongoing WMS can read back the following tracking information and display it:

Delivery checkout

With Unifaun DeliveryCheckout each customer in your webshop can choose between different shipping alternatives that you have predefined. In this way, customers can decide whether they want their packages to be delivered to their office, to a pick up point or to their home.

In order to enable this feature, you will need a deliveryCheckoutId obtained from Unifaun Online and provide it to PreparedTransportDocumentId in Ongoing WMS.

Pick up locator

With Unifaun's PickUpLocator service, it is possible for customers to find the nearest distribution points and select one as soon as they have placed their order. This can be done directly in Ongoing WMS, when placing or adjusting orders manually.

In order to enable this feature, a certain PickUpLocator licence needs to be activated by Unifaun.

Split shipment

With split shipment it is possible to send a number of packages addressed to different receivers through the customs as one single consignment. This means that you can reduce your transportations costs and simplify tracking.

Consolidated shipments

With consolidated shipments you can use several parcels in one shipment. This feature both simplifies tracking and means that you can reduce your transport costs.
If you for example have several orders in your Ongoing WMS which should be sent to the same consignee, you can send them all as one consolidated shipment.
Read more about consolidate shipments here.

Freight Cost Management

Unifaun Online offers Freight Cost Management, which gives you control and visibility of your freight costs. By calculating the cost of each shipment, you can get full control over your transportation costs, both before booking your transport and over time. In addition, you have the possibility of visualizing and comparing freight costs from different carriers using invoice handling. This means that electronic invoices from your carriers are uploaded to Unifaun Enterprise. If you are a 3PL and want to bill your customer for the actual freight cost incurred, Ongoing WMS can fetch the freight cost and use it while generating your customer invoice.

Verify zip code automatically

With the Unifaun ZipCheck feature, zip codes are verified automatically, which makes it possible for the receiver to make corrections directly in the webshop. This feature is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

If you are placing manual orders in Ongoing WMS, this can also be used to ensure that the correct address is always entered.

In order to enable the ZipCheck service in Ongoing WMS, a license needs to be ordered separately from Unifaun.

Transport status updates

Ongoing WMS can read back transport statuses from Unifaun, which makes it is possible to see e.g. if an order has been picked up by the carrier or is delivered.
This also adds the possibility of tracking completion times.


Please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Unifaun Online and your Ongoing WMS.


None* = those fields are not in the default set up, but it is easy to set them to any field in Ongoing WMS.

Mapping Unifaun Shipment - Ongoing WMS Order

Show field mapping

Unifaun Ongoing WMS
CurrencyCodePickedOrderLines=>CurrencyCode or OrderInfo=>OrderCustomsInfo=>CustomsValueCurrencyCode
GrossWeightPickedOrderLines=>Article=>Weight or 0
NetWeightPickedOrderLines=>Article=>NetWeight or PickedOrderLines=>Article=>Weigh or 0
ValuePickedOrderLines=>OrderLineTotalCustomsValue=>Value/PickedOrderLines=>OrderedNumberOfItems or PickedOrderLines=>Article=>Price=>Value
favoriteReturnTransporter=>WaybillTemplate if isReturn is true, Financial=>WaybillTemplate otherwise
id"CONSOLIDATE" (if isReturn is false)
sendEmailfalse (if isReturn is false)
keyOrderInfo=>OrderId (if isReturn is false)
copiesOrderPalletItems=>NumberOfItems or GoodsItems=>NumberOfPackages
packageCodeOrderPalletItems=>PalletTypeCode or GoodsItems=>PackageTypeCode
contentsOrderPalletItems=>GoodsCategoryTypeName or GoodsItems=>GoodsCategory
lengthOrderPalletItems=>Length or GoodsItems=>Length
widthOrderPalletItems=>Width or GoodsItems=>Width
heightOrderPalletItems=>Height or GoodsItems=>Height
volumeOrderPalletItems=>Volume or GoodsItems=>Volume
loadingMeters(0 if OrderPalletItems=>ParentPalletItemId HasValue, OrderPalletItems=>LoadMeters otherwise) or GoodsItems=>LoadMeters
weightOrderPalletItems=>Weight or GoodsItems=>Weight
address2Consignee=>Address2 + "," + Consignee.Address3
senderOrderInfo=>GoodsOwnerEdiCode or Financial=>PriceListCode
senderPartnerReturnTransporter=>TransporterCode or Transporter=>Code
senderReference(GoodsOwnerInfo=>Name + "-" + OrderInfo=>OrderId or GoodsOwnerInfo=>GoodsOwnerReference + "-" + OrderInfo=>GoodsOwnerOrderNumber) + "-R" if isReturn
returnShipmentfalse if ReturnTransporter=>TransporterCode not exists or IsReturnServiceButMustBeBookedAsTrip, true otherwise

None* = those fields are not in the default set up, but it is easy to set them to any field in Ongoing WMS.