Setting up transporters for use with an integration

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If you have integrated your Ongoing WMS system with a transport system, you must set up some information regarding transporters before you can begin using the integration. There are two things to set up:

  1. You must add all transporters and transporter services you wish to use to your Ongoing system. This is done for all goods owners at once.
  2. For each goods owner, you must set up a transport agreement.

Adding transporters

General steps

To add transporters and transporter services to Ongoing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Registers ⇒ Transport Companies.
  2. Click on the button Check which transporter services are available.
  3. A new window appears which lists every available transporter and transporter service.
  4. Select each transporter that you want to use, and click Import.
  5. This creates the transporter services in Ongoing.

Unifaun Online example

As an example, say we have set up an integration with Unifaun Online. When we click on Check which transporters are available in Ongoing, we see a list of transporters and services which are available for us to use.

After selecting both transport services we want to use and pressing Import, we can check that the system has created them:

Adding transport agreements

After you have added transporters, you must also add transport agreements to each goods owner where you want to use the integration.

Unifaun Online

You will first need to get the Quick Id of the sender in Unifaun Online. You can view all senders in Unifaun Online by going into Maintenance ⇒ Senders and clicking Search. Then look at the column called Quick Id:

After you have Quick Id, follow these steps in Ongoing:

  1. Go to Registers ⇒ Transport Agreements.
  2. Select a transporter.
  3. Fill in the Quick Id from Unifaun Online in EDI code.
  4. Click Create to create the transport agreement.

For example, here we are adding an agreement for Posten Logistik to the Unifaun Online sender with the Quick Id TESTQUICKID:

Other transport systems

For transport systems other than Unifaun Online, follow the below steps.

General steps

To add transport agreements to systems other than Unifaun Online, follow these steps:

  1. Select a goods owner.
  2. Go to Registers ⇒ Transport Agreements.
  3. Click on the button Check which agreements are available.
  4. A new window appears which lists every available agreement.
  5. Select the ones which belong to the current goods owner, and click Import.
  6. This creates the transport agreements in Ongoing.

Webshipper example

Let's say we have an integration with Webshipper and want to add a transport agreement for the the goods owner Electronics Company:

After pressing Check which agreements are available, we see that there are two agreements available in Webshipper. However, only one of them is intended for Electronics Company. We select it and press Import:

Address of the sender

For some transport systems, the address of the sender must be entered in Ongoing.

shipcloud, Ingrid, Webshipper and MultiParcels

For our integrations with shipcloud, Ingrid, Webshipper and MultiParcels, the sender address is maintained in the same place. Each goods owner can have its own sender address.

Go to Registers ⇒ Goods Owners and select the goods owner. Then click on Advanced and then Contact Information. Then enter the sender address of the goods owner:

Next step

You are now ready to begin using the integration.