How to receive and move goods

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Once you have created your articles, it is time to perform goods reception. This is what creates stock in the system. This guide will also show you how to move goods around inside your warehouse.

Receiving goods

When you receive goods into Ongoing WMS, you have the option of receiving it against a purchase order. This increases traceability in the system, since you can e.g. compare the advised quantity against the actual received quantity. We show both ways of receiving goods (with and without a purchase order). If you don't know how to create a purchase order, please see this guide.

Without a purchase order

All goods reception is done in the page Warehouse ⇒ Receive goods. The first thing to do if you want to receive goods without a purchase order, is to make sure that the check box "Purchase order" is not checked.

After that, select the article which you want to receive:

Form to receive goods into the warehouse without a specific purchase order.

Now input the quantity which you want to receive, and the warehouse location, and then click "Save". Here we are receiving 120 pieces into location HC112:

Form to fill out details about received order. Such as quantity of received goods, stock location etc.

As you can see, there are many other fields available (serial number, batch, etc.). None of these are mandatory.

Now you can continue and do another goods reception.

With a purchase order

If you don't have a purchase order and want to follow the steps in this part, you can first create a purchase order.

Let's say we have a purchase order where 130 brooms are advised:

Expansion of specific order in order list view. Expansion includes article name, article number, and more.

Go to Order ⇒ Purchase order list, check the purchase order, and then press Receive:

After a specific order, several orders, are chosen in the list of orders they can be received by pressing the button above the list.

This takes you to Warehouse ⇒ Receive goods, with our purchase order already selected:

When receiving goods your selected order is pre-chosen in Ongoing WMS.

Receiving the goods now proceeds as it did when we did not have a purchase order. We select the article we want to receive, input the quantity, and then the warehouse locations. This is repeated until we are done.

Here we can see that we have so far received 0 out of 130 brooms. Once we press "Save", we will have received 120 brooms (out of 130) into location HB104:

Form to fill out article, amount of article, and stock location when receiving goods.

Checking where you've placed the goods

Go to Goods Flow ⇒ Goods in Stock. This page can be used to view where in the warehouse your goods are located. In our case, we have received in total 240 pieces of brooms and broom handles:

List of goods in stock below Goods Flow, and the Goods in Stock.

Moving goods

At some point you are going to want to move goods from one location to another. Let's say we want to perform the following transactions:

  1. From location HC112, move all 120 broom handles to location HA113, and
  2. From location HB104, move 50 brooms to location HC103 and 70 brooms to location HD121.

To accomplish this, go into Warehouse ⇒ Stock Movement. To move the broom handles, fill in the form like so and press Move:

Form for moving goods from one location to another in Ongoing WMS. Amount can be chosen by the user.

The brooms need to be moved in two separate transactions. First we move 50 of them to one location:

Form for moving goods from one location to another in Ongoing WMS. Amount can be chosen by the user.

Then we move the remaining 70 brooms to another location:

Form for moving goods from one location to another in Ongoing WMS. Amount can be chosen by the user.

We can now verify all transactions by going to Goods Flow ⇒ Goods Transactions. This shows us the two goods receptions we have done, and the three moves (each move is split up into a "move to" and a "move from" transaction):

List of goods transactions below Goods Flow, and the Goods Transactions.

Video on receiving and moving goods in Ongoing WMS

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