Customer returns

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Most warehouses need to handle customer returns. It is possible to process returned goods by simply treating it as a normal inbound transaction. But the system also allows you to process a return transaction using the same order which was originally used to ship the goods to the customer. This increases traceability and allows you to see at a glance what a particular customer has returned. In this tutorial we show you how to process such a return.

Processing a return

Go to the order list and find the order which you want to use to process the return. Select and then press Return:

A new window appears where you can see all the goods which have been delivered on this order:

In this case we have delivered two Rapid Standard Staplers and one Post-it Super Adhesive. Say we want to return one of the staplers and the adhesive. Fill in the quantities and which location we want to return the item to:

Note that if you leave the Count column empty, then that line will not be returned.

Press Return goods to perform the transaction. You can verify that the transactions have gone through by looking under Returned goods:

Transaction history

You can view all return transactions in Goods Flow ⇒ Goods Transactions. Simply filter for transactions with type Return:

Notifying goods owners of returns

Some goods owners want to be notified of all returns. You can easily set up an automatic email which is sent every day to the goods owner which contains all returns.