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To be able to log in to Ongoing WMS, you need a user account. In this article we describe how the administrator of the system can create and maintain the user accounts.

Permission levels

Each user has a permission level, which corresponds to the role the user has:

Permission level name (English)Permission level name (Swedish)Description
Administrator Administratör Highest level of access. They have access to all parts of the system and may change all settings.
Warehouse user Lagerarbetare Intended for people who work at the warehouse, but who don't need full administrator access. They can receive goods, make outbound deliveries, and so on.
Customer Kund Intended for customers of the warehouse. Able to create new orders and view the state of current orders and the stock balances. They are not able to affect the stock balances nor change settings.
API user Godsägar-API This type of user has access to Ongoing WMS' Goods owner API. Note that this user is not maintained in Administration ⇒ Users, but rather in Administration ⇒ API for goods owners. Read more in our article API access.
Automation API user Automations-API This type user has access to Ongoing WMS' Automation API. Note that this user is not maintained in Administration ⇒ Users, but rather in Administration ⇒ API for automation. Read more in our article API access.
Reseller Återförsäljare Similar to a Customer user but is very restricted in what it is allowed to do. This type of user may only create orders which are to be delivered to himself and view his own orders. Intended for use in situations where a warehouse customer wants to delegate the responsibility for placing orders to other people (i.e., resellers). Note that a reseller user can only have access to a single goods owner.
Supplier Leverantör Similar to a Customer user but is very restricted in what it is allowed to do. This type of user may only create purchase orders.
Dashboard Dashboard A special kind of user only used when you want to permanently display a dashboard on a screen in your warehouse.


Apart from the permission level, each user also has a certain menu. The menu determines which pages a user is allowed to see. Below is a list of all standard menus. If you want to know which pages are available in each standard menu, click here. It is possible to create new, custom menus as well.

Menu name (English)Menu name (Swedish)Applicable for permission levelDescription
Administrator Administratör Administrator The only menu available for administrators. Gives full access to the system.
Warehouse user Lagerarbetare Warehouse user The only menu available for warehouse users. Gives access to the functions which a warehouse worker needs in his day-to-day job.
Customer Kund Customer The default menu for customers. Allows them to create and view orders, check stock balances and handle the article registry.
Order handling, statistics and purchase order Kund (utökad) Customer Similar to the above Customer menu, but also allows customers to create and view purchase orders.
Reseller Återförsäljare Reseller Only gives access to view orders, create new orders and view which articles can be ordered.
Supplier Leverantör Supplier Only gives access to create and view purchase orders.

Creating a new user

If you are an administrator and wish to create a new user, go to Administration ⇒ Users:

Drop down menu to create a new user. Hover over settings tab and then click on users.

Then fill in the form. Below is an example of how you would create a new warehouse user called Johnny, who has access to the goods owners "ABC Computers" and "E-commerce".

Form to create new warehouse user in Ongoing WMS.

The following fields are available:

Field nameMandatoryDescription
User name Yes The username.
Password Yes The password. If you click on "Generate", the system will automatically choose a password.
Permission level Yes The user's permission level, as discussed above.
Menu Yes The user's menu, as discussed above.
Default goods owner Yes Which goods owner is automatically chosen when the user logs in.
Language Yes Which language the user wants to view the system in.
Email No The user's email address.
Telephone No The user's telephone number.
Is read only No If a user is read-only, he will not be able to create new orders or purchase orders.
Send user credentials to user name No If you have checked this box and then press Create or Update, then the system will automatically mail the user's username, password, and a link to the system's login page to the user's email address.
Goods owner box Yes Here you must select which goods owners the user should have access to. If you select "All goods owners", then the user will have access to all goods owners.
IP filter No Allows you to select which IP range the user is allowed to log in from. For instance, you might wish to make sure that when administrators and warehouse workers log in, they are coming from your own network.
Warehouses box No Allows you to select which warehouses the user has access to. Only applicable if your system has more than one warehouse. If a warehouse worker doesn't have access to a particular warehouse, he will be unable to move goods to that warehouse.

Editing and deleting users

After a user has been created, you may wish to change some of its information (such as the password or email address), or even remove the user entirely. If you go to Administration ⇒ Users, the user should appear in the table at the bottom of the list:

List of users with newly created user in WMS on top of list.

To edit a user, click on the Edit icon to the right:

Edit buttons are on the right side of the list of users in Ongoing WMS.

You can now change all the info on the user, like described above in Creating a new user. Finish by pressing Update or Delete:

Buttons to update user in WMS, create (disabled), update, delete or clear fields when editing an existing user.

Multi-factor authentication

By default, a user may log in to Ongoing WMS if they know their username and password. You may wish to increase security by turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA).

You can require MFA for all users or only for certain users. Currently, MFA can only be done through email. It works like this:

  1. User tries to login and supplies the username and password (as normal).
  2. A code is sent to the user's email.
  3. The user has to input this code before they are allowed to login.

To turn on MFA, go to Administration ⇒ System settings. Find the setting called "MultifactorAuthenticationTypes". Set it to "ByEmailOneTimePassword". You can apply the setting only to some users, or to all users.

Available pages in each menu

As described above, each user has a certain menu. The menu gives the user access to a selection of pages in the system.

Below is a list of all pages in the system, and which standard menus have access to each page. Note that there may be slight differences in your system if you have asked Ongoing for customizations to the menus.

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Section Subsection Page name (English) Page name (Swedish) Administrator Warehouse Customer Order handling, statistics and purchase order Reseller Supplier
OrderOutboundCreate orderSkapa orderYesYesYesYesYesNo
OrderOutboundOrderable articlesBeställbara artiklarYesYesYesYesYesNo
OrderOutboundOrder listOrderlistaYesYesYesYesYesNo
OrderOutboundOrder overviewOrderöversiktYesYesNoYesNoNo
OrderInboundCreate purchase orderSkapa inköpsorderYesYesNoYesNoYes
OrderInboundPurchase order listInköpsorderlistaYesYesNoYesNoYes
OrderInboundReturn order listReturorderlistaYesYesNoYesNoNo
OrderInboundInbound shipmentsInkommande sändningarYesYesNoYesNoNo
OrderShipmentsCreate shipmentSkapa sändningYesYesNoYesNoNo
OrderShipmentsShipment listSändningslistaYesYesNoYesNoNo
WarehouseGoods handlingReceive goodsInleveransYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseGoods handlingDeliverUtleveransYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseGoods handlingPick ordersPlockuppdragYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseArticlesUpdate goods infoUppdatera godsinfoYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseInventoryInventory taskInventeringsuppdragYesNoNoNoNoNo
WarehouseStock movementsStock movementLagerflyttYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseStock movementsMovement ordersFlyttuppdragYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseWarehouseWarehouse mapLagerkartaYesYesNoYesNoNo
WarehouseLoad carrierOrders' load carriersOrdrars lastbärareYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseLoad carrierLoad carriers in stockLastbärare i lagerYesYesNoNoNoNo
WarehouseProductionCreate production orderSkapa produktionsorderYesYesNoYesNoNo
WarehouseProductionProduction order listProduktionsorderlistaYesYesNoYesNoNo
EconomyEconomyPrice listPrislistaYesNoNoNoNoNo
EconomyEconomyInvoicing overviewFaktureringsöversiktYesNoNoNoNoNo
EconomyStatisticsInvoiced / monthFakturerat / månadYesNoNoNoNoNo
EconomyStatisticsHistorical chargesHistoriska debiteringarYesNoNoNoNoNo
Goods flowGoods transactionsGoods transactionsLagertransaktionerYesYesNoYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods transactionsReceived goodsMottaget godsYesYesYesYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods transactionsDelivered goodsLevererat godsYesYesYesYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods transactionsReturned goodsReturnerat godsYesYesYesYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods transactionsInventory adjustmentsInventeringsjusteringarYesYesNoYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods flowAll goodsAllt godsYesYesYesYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods flowOrder rowsOrderraderYesYesYesYesNoNo
Goods flowGoods flowPurchase order rowsInköpsorderraderYesYesNoYesNoNo
Goods flowStock valuesGoods in stockGods i lagerYesYesYesYesNoNo
Goods flowStock valuesGoods / stock locationGods / lagerplatsYesYesYesYesNoNo
StatisticsWarehouseStock turnoverLageromsättningYesYesYesYesNoNo
StatisticsWarehouseWarehouse statisticsLagerstatistikYesNoNoNoNoNo
StatisticsWarehouseStatistics / dayStatistik / dagYesNoNoNoNoNo
StatisticsWarehouseStatistics / monthStatistik / månadYesNoNoYesNoNo
StatisticsWarehouseStatistics / goods ownerStatistik / godsägareYesNoNoNoNoNo
StatisticsWarehouseDegree of occupancyFyllnadsgradYesNoNoNoNoNo
StatisticsArticlesArticle statisticsArtikelstatistikYesYesNoYesNoNo
StatisticsArticlesArticle statistics / monthArtikelstatistik / månadYesYesNoYesNoNo
StatisticsArticlesHistorical stock balanceHistoriska lagersaldonYesYesYesYesNoNo
StatisticsOtherStatistics / userStatistik / lagerarbetareYesNoNoNoNoNo
StatisticsOtherStatistics / user / time periodStatistik / lagerarbetare / tidsperiodYesNoNoNoNoNo
StatisticsOtherCustomer lobbyKundlobbyYesNoYesYesNoNo
RegistersRegistersReturn causesReturorsakerYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersRegistersAdjustment causesJusteringsorsakerYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersRegistersTerms of paymentBetalningsvillkorYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersRegistersTerms of deliveryLeveransvillkorYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersRegistersWay of deliveryLeveranssättYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersRegistersAddress classesAdressklasserYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTransportersTransport companiesTransportföretagYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTransportersTransport agreementsTransportavtalYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersAutomationTransporter assignmentTransportörstilldelningYesNoNoYesNoNo
RegistersAutomationReturn transporter assignmentReturtransportörstilldelningYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersAutomationWarehouse assignmentLagertilldelningYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersAutomationAutomate processesAutomatisera processerYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersGroupsCustomer groupsKundgrupperYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersGroupsSupplier groupsLeverantörsgrupperYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTypesOrder typesOrdertyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTypesOrder line typesOrderradstyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTypesOrder classesOrderklasserYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTypesPurchase order typesInköpsordertyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTypesPurchase order line typesInköpsorderradstypYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersTypesShipment categoriesSändningskategorierYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesGoods statusGodsstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesArticle categoriesArtikelkategorierYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesArticle groupsArtikelgrupperYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesArticle classesArtikelklasserYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesItem classesIndividklasserYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesItem categoriesIndividkategorierYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesArticle colorsArtikelfärgerYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersArticlesArticle sizesArtikelstorlekarYesNoNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport purchase orderImportera inköpsorderYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport orderImportera orderYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport articlesImportera artiklarYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport kit and produkction articlesImportera paket- och produktionsartiklarYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport customersImportera kunderYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport suppliersImportera leverantörerYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportImport dangerous goodsImportera farligt godsYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportMovement ordersFlyttuppdragYesYesNoNoNoNo
RegistersImportUpdate goods infoUppdatera godsinfoYesYesNoNoNoNo
AdministrationGoods owners and usersGoods ownersGodsägareYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationGoods owners and usersGoods owner groupsGodsägargrupperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationGoods owners and usersUsersAnvändareYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationGoods owners and usersUser groupsAnvändargrupperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationStatusesOrder statusesOrderstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationStatusesPurchase order statusesInköpsorderstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationStatusesProduction order statusesProduktionsorderstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationStatusesReturn order statusesReturnorderstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersReportsRapporterYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersCountriesLänderYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersCurrenciesValutorYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersPallet ownersPallägareYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersPackaging typesLastbärareYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersGoods categoryVaruslagYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersMovement typesFlyttuppdragstyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationSystem registersPick order typesPlockuppdragstyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersShipment typesSändningstyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersShipment statusSändningsstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersPallet item statusPallstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersCustoms statusTullstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersLoad statusLastadstatusarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersVehicle typesFordonstyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersVehicleFordonYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationShipment registersTrip categoryTurkategoriYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationWarehouseLocation typesLagerplatstyperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationWarehouseLocation overviewLagerplatsöversiktYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationWarehousePicking cartsPlockvagnarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationUnitsGoods unitsLagringsenheterYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationUnitsProfit centersResultatenheterYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationUnitsInvoice unitsFaktureringsenheterYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationDangerous goodsUN numbersUN-nummerYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationDangerous goodsClassesKlasserYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationDangerous goodsPackage typesFörpackningsgrupperYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationDangerous goodsProper shipping namesKorrekta sändningsnamnYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationArticle materials for sustainability reportingMaterialMaterialYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationArticle materials for sustainability reportingMaterial unitsMaterialenheterYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationArticle materials for sustainability reportingEnergy sourcesEnergikällorYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationArticle materials for sustainability reportingEnvironmental certificationsMiljöcertifieringarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsWSI logWSI-loggYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsAPI logAPI-loggYesNoYesNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsArticle eventsArtikelhändelserYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsResponse timesSvarstiderYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsPrint logUtskriftsloggYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsMail logMailloggYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationLogsError logFelloggYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationIntegrationAPI for goods ownersAPI för godsägareYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationIntegrationAPI for automationAPI för automationYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationIntegrationIntegrations and e-mailsIntegrationer och mejlutskickYesNoYes2Yes2NoNo
AdministrationIntegrationWSI importWSI-importYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationOtherSystem settingsSysteminställningarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationOtherPrinter settingsUtskriftsinställningarYesNoNoNoNoNo
AdministrationOtherYour contractDitt avtalYesNoNoNoNoNo
SystemNoneChange passwordÄndra lösenordNo1YesYesYesYesYes

1. Administrators may change the password of any user, see this article.

2. For customer users, this page is located in the Systems section.

3. For users with this menu, this page is located in the Systems section.

Video on how to create users in Ongoing WMS

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