Creating transporters in Ongoing for use in the integration with Unifaun

Locate the code lists in Unifaun

To select the desired transporter and shipping service for orders to Unifaun, the appropriate codes must be mapped between Ongoing and Unifaun. The list of available codes can be found in Unifaun. See the image below with the steps marked in red. Go to:

  1. "Help"
  2. "Code Lists"
  3. Select "Services"
  4. Press the button "Show"

The transporter names and codes are written in bold, for example "DHL Express" with code "DHLAIR".

Under each carrier, the available services and the service codes are listed, for example "DHL Express 10:30 (Duty)" with code "DATDM".

In the image below both the transporter code and service code are marked in green.

Manage transporters in Ongoing

The transporters in Ongoing are listed under "Register" ⇒ "Transport Companies". This register is shared between all goods owners in the system. Usually there are a few transporters placed in the system. If any of these are to be used, they can be edited or new ones can be added.

Create a new transporter in Ongoing

Enter a name for the carrier in "Transporter Name", for example "DHL Express".

Add the code of the transporter (retrieved in the previous step) as "Transporter Code".

Select "External System", usually called Unifaun or TA-System, in the dropdown menu. If you do not know which system to select please contact Ongoing support.

Other information may also be added, such as telephone number and contact information.

When the desired fields have been filled out, press "Create".

Adding services to transporters

After selecting a carrier (or creating a new), the "Transporter Services" (marked in yellow) will be visible. Here existing services can be viewed and edited by selecting it from the list of "Services", then pressing "Edit".

To create a new service, provide a service "Name" and enter the service "Code" retrieved in step 1. In this example, the code for "DHL Express 10:30 (Duty)" is "DATDM". Optional information about maximum weight and volume can also be entered.

Press the "Create" button to create the new service.

Managing transporter agreements

Creating an agreement for shipping

As previously mentioned, the listed carriers in Ongoing will be shared among all goods owners in the system. It is however common for goods owners to have their own agreements with different transporters and their own customer number.

Under "Register" ⇒ "Transport Agreements" you can specify which transporters to be used and on which transport agreement.

In order to create a new transport agreement the desired transporter must be selected (1).

Next up the customer number of the agreement must be provided (2). This refers to the customer number of the shipment contract.

Enter the code corresponding to the sender's "Quick Id" value in Unifuan in the "EDI Code" field (3).

In the comment field (4), which is completely optional, it is possible to write a short comment. This is for example a good way to differentiate when using the same transport company with multiple customer numbers and goods owners.

Transporter agreement on an order

When creating an order, you can set which transport agreement should be used. It is also possible to change the transporter agreement after the order has been created, by using the order list.

Provide transporter agreement on a new order

The image below shows the interface for manually creating a new order ("Order" ⇒ "Create Order"). The agreement to be used is selected under "Freight Payment" (1). If "Sender Pay" is selected it is possible to select one of the previously added agreements in the list of "Freight Agreements" (2).

By selecting "Receiver Pay" or "Third Party Pay" it is possible to select previously used agreements. You can also a new agreement using "New Deal" (5) and thereafter selecting the agreement (2).

It is also possible to specify whether the order should be notified in any way (3). Some of these services, for example phone notification for DHL Express requires a contact that can be specified when booking in Unifaun or as the receiver's references (4).

Transporter agreement on one or multiple orders in the order list

Start by selecting the orders to be updated with the same freight agreement by ticking the box to the far right (1).

Select the transporter agreement to be used in the list "Freight Contract" (2) and press "Upd." next to the list.

Some freight contracts require that the order be supplemented with additional information, for example number of packages, weight or volume. This can be specified by pressing the pallet icon (4) on the order in the list.

Transfer to Unifaun, booking of transport

It is common that the system is setup in such a way that the booking is sent to Unifaun when pressing the button "Send" (3). At the same time the order status is updated to "Sent".

Finally, the printing and booking of the transport can be finished in Unifaun. If the transmission is marked as invalid it may need to be supplemented. This can be done directly in either Unifaun or Ongoing depending on which is preferable.