Integration with returns management systems

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Returns Management Systems (RMS) aim to ease return management of e-commerce companies, irrespective of own warehousing or outsourcing to 3PL. The return handling can be done smoothly in Ongoing WMS as you can see here. In the instructions that follow the link the returns are not advised, opposed to when a returns management integration is put to use. The integration eliminates most of the manual work and makes the return handling in Ongoing WMS more efficient and accurate.


With integration to Return Management System the returns will be advised.

System Integrations

The most important consideration when choosing a returns management system is that it needs to support the carriers which you intend to use.

The following companies have developed their own integrations from their shipping platform to Ongoing WMS:

Next step

If you wish to use the integration, please contact one of the Return Management Systems or contact Ongoing WMS for more information.