Integration with web shops or ERP systems

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To ensure a smooth workflow for both the warehouse and the goods owner, Ongoing WMS has many existing integrations to webshops and ERP systems.

Integrations transfer data automatically between the systems and thereby reduce manual work and sources of error. The image below shows which data that can be transferred between the systems. There may be differences depending on which webshop or ERP system you are using. The details of what is included for each integration is available on the page of existing integrations.

Integration flow scheme for ecommerce or ERP integrations to Ongoing WMS


The web shop or ERP system is the master system for the article register and order data. This means that all information about orders and articles will be transferred to Ongoing WMS. When changes are made in the webshop or ERP system, the integration will update Ongoing WMS accordingly.

Ongoing WMS is the master of the stock balances. The stock balance numbers may be sent from Ongoing WMS to the web shop or ERP system.

Below is the workflow based on the first time the integration is set up.

Does your system have an integration with Ongoing WMS?

Some of the integrations are developed and supported by Ongoing WMS, and some are developed by third parties. Below is a list of all current integrations.

Integrations which are marked with ยน can be set up by the administrator of Ongoing WMS.

Ongoing WMS currently provides integrations available with the following ERP systems:

Ongoing WMS provides integrations with the following web shops:

The following companies have developed their own integrations from their systems to Ongoing WMS:

If you don't find your system in the list above, you can develop an integration towards our Goods Owner API.