Manuals and guides for the Ongoing Warehouse WMS

3PL customers

Are you a customer of a third-party logistics provider which uses the Ongoing Warehouse Management System? We have prepared some materials for you.

  1. 3PL customer manual - a manual intended for the customers of logistics providers.
  2. The benefits of using the Ongoing WMS - read about the benefits of letting a 3PL provider handle your logistics using the Ongoing WMS.

Introduction for administrators in seven easy pieces

We have prepared a series of tutorials which will take you through the basics of the system from start to end. If you follow these tutorials, you will be able to take a completely fresh Ongoing system, set it up to according to how your warehouse looks, and start receiving and shipping goods.

  1. Getting acquainted with the system »
  2. Goods owners »
  3. Aisles and locations »
  4. User administration »
  5. Creating and editing articles »
  6. How to receive and move goods »
  7. How to pick orders »

Transport systems

An important part of most warehouses' use of the Ongoing WMS, is an integration with a separate transport system. This system deals with transport labels and the communication with carriers. We have prepared a series of articles on this subject.

  1. Introduction to transport systems - Learn more about how to streamline your transports using an integration between Ongoing and a transport system.
  2. Adding an integration with a transport system - How to add an integration with a transport system to your Ongoing WMS.
  3. Setting up transporters - Learn how to add new transporters in Ongoing so they can be used in an integration with a transport system.
  4. Using the integration - When the integration has been set up, you are ready to begin using it.
  5. Transporter prioritization - It is possible to have the system automatically select a transporter for orders, given a set of rules which you maintain.

Quick guides

Changing passwords

Learn how to change passwords.

Changing passwords »

API access

Learn how to grant API access to someone who wishes to integrate with your Ongoing system.

API access »

Excel import

Various kinds of data (such as article data and orders) can be imported into Ongoing from Excel.

Excel import »

Printing in Ongoing

Various kinds of documents and labels can be printed from Ongoing.

Printing in Ongoing »

Automatic printing

Description of and a short guide on how to install the Ongoing Printer Service, which allows Ongoing to automatically trigger printouts in your warehouse.

Automatic printing »

Refill orders

Description of refill orders and a short guide on how to use them to refill your picking locations.

Refill orders »

Kit articles

Learn how to define kit articles, that is, articles which are composed of other articles.

Kit articles »

Inventory adjustments

Mistakes will happen during picking and receiving - learn how to correct them.

Inventory adjustments »


The Ongoing WMS has a powerful invoicing system which allows warehouses to accurately charge their customers.

Invoicing »

Automatic emails

The Ongoing Warehouse Management system can be configured to send emails automatically for various events.

Automatic emails »

Picking multiple orders at the same time

Improve your warehouse's productivity by picking multiple orders at the same time.

Multiple orders »

Batch and serial numbers

Do you need to store batch and serial numbers for the goods in your warehouse? Learn more about it here.

Batch and serial numbers »

Customer returns

Learn how to handle customer returns which are sent to the warehouse.

Customer returns »